For the microcredit aficianado!

Economics & Capital

The End of Poverty – Jeffrey Sachs
The Mystery of Capital – Hernando de Soto
The Bottom Billion – Paul Collier
Creative Capitalism – Michael Kingsley
Giving - Bill Clinton
The Soul of Money - Lynne Twist

Microcredit - General

The International Bank od Bob – Bob Harris
Banker to the Poor - Muhammed Yunus
A Billion Bootstraps - Phil Smith & Eric Thurman
Creating a World without Poverty – Muhammed Yunus
Give Us Credit – Alex Counts
The Microfinance Revolution – Marguerite S. Robinson

Microcredit - Detail

Microfinance Handbook – The World Bank
Women in Microcredit in Rural Bangladesh – Aminur Rahman
Microfinance, a Reader – Thankom Arun
Microfinance – Perils and Prospects – Jude L. Fernando
Poverty Capital:  Microfinance and the making of Development – Ananya Roy
Transforming Microfinance Institutions – Joanna Ledgerwood & Victoria White
Managing Risk and Creating Value with Microfinance – Mike Goldberg
The Economics of Microfinance – Beatriz Armendariz de Aghion & Jonathan Morduch
Microfinance for Bankers – Elizabeth Rhyne

Books of inspiration (not on microfinance)

The Blue Sweater – Jacqueline Novogratz
Portfolios of the Poor – Daryl Collins et al
Out of Poverty – Paul Polak
Rickshaw Girl – Mitali Perkins
Half the Sky – Nicholas Kristof & Sheryl WuDunn
The Last Hunger Season – Roger Thurow
White Man’s Burden – Wiliam Esterley
Mountains Beyond Mountains - The Quest of Dr. Paul Farmer
Three Cups of Tea – Greg Mortenson
Stones to Schools – Greg Mortenson
Leaving Microsoft to Change the World – John Wood
Race Against Time - Stephen Lewis
Leaving Microsoft to Change the World – John Wood