Why support us?

Why Support Us?


In just under 4 years, we have made over $750,000 in loans to date, with a loan payback rate of over 96%. Our lending performance is excellent.

Clients receive group financial education and one-on-one business development training from FNG that lasts each client a lifetime. The “one-on-one” mentoring and business training, unique to the microfinance industry, has produced excellent results for our clients.

Two-thirds of the women who have been in the BDP for an average of 12 months or longer have more than doubled their incomes. We know this through the use of our data base and analytics. (The remaining one-third has left the BDP due to often heart-wrenching circumstances, primarily relating to personal and family illness.)

By monitoring client results using an extensive data base and Qlikview analytics, we are able to improve individual client performance as well as improve the content of the BDP program.

Increased business incomes have a significant impact on the clients’ family health, education and housing. To date we have helped over 8,000 women and their family members to improve their lives.

Guatemalan women spend most of their increased incomes in these areas and in re-investing in their businesses. As a significant part of the increased client income will be spent in the local communities, others in the community benefit as well.

Your donation will help these businesswomen move out of poverty, provide more food for their families, keep their children in school longer, and have clean water, better housing and badly needed medical care.